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Parents can now be comfortable about their children taking the school buses. Complete information and security of the child will be taken cared of.

  • The bus is about to come to pick up or drop the child.
  • The child reaches school, so you know he’s safely reached.
  • The child has left the bus at any stop other than the regular one.
  • The bus has any undue stoppage at an irregular place.
  • There are emergency situations/rescheduling of buses.


Parents can use smart phone app My School Bus to track their wards transport bus in real time and get useful alerts.

Advanced Tracking Service

  • Proximity alert for pick-up and drop : You will be notified through the My School Bus app or regular SMS as soon as your kid’s school bus approaches his/her pick-up or drop location.
  • Check the location of your kid’s bus during pickup and drop timing : You can use the My School Bus app to see the location of your kid’s school bus during pickup and drop timing from anywhere to plan for your other tasks accordingly.

Bus RFID Attendance Service

  • Alert when your kid swipes his smart ID card at RFID reader machine in bus : You will be notified through the My School Bus app or regular SMS with time and location of swipe when your kid swipes card at bus. Kindly instruct your child to regularly swipe his smart ID card at bus reader machine

Steps to use My School Bus App for tracking

Please follow these steps to use the App:

STEP 1 : For android phone users click For iPhone users click

STEP 2 : Kindly use the number shared with school as primary contact number and then tap the Submit button.

STEP 3 : You will receive One Time Password (OTP) as SMS at the number you provided. Type that OTP in the password field. Tap the Submit button.

STEP 4 : If you get add student screen, please check/correct the primary number with school. You can tap on any of the route and see the current location, distance and estimated time of arrival of the vehicle in that route (Only during the pick-up and drop durations).

Please feel free to call on the support number (033) 4060 5705 between 10 AM to 6 PM on any working days in case you need any help.

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